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Lia Cassee-Sluijter:

I would like to know that I find your service excellent. I had my husband, who is tall and broad fabulous tshirts with you ordered and he was very happy. Nice long, excellent quality and feels very nice, but.... I found the neck too wide. He has drafted a narrow neck. Then with you and the proposal was submitted to the Bangkok series a try. What breed solution turns out to be. The fact that you are responding to a request from one customer makes you un-Dutch and for me a world company. We remain confident customer!
Friendly greetings Lia

Arlette: perfect!!!!
I have for my husband, who is 1.98 m and pretty slim, stretch t-shirts in size XL / LF ordered. Perfect fit, nice fitting and nice long and also a nice quality. After some hesitation, done in the dryer and only 1 cm shrinkage. Also for my son (1.78 m and "lean" Barcelona shirts in size S / ST LONG ordered. These are fine, very narrow, but long.

Great shirts, especially the stretch, even for those with the dimensions in the width is rather only the length (185 cm). The extra length is nice.

Ideal shirts, I have now almost all models and colors. Hope more comes.
Leandra Meester:
What a great shirts!!

What a discovery! Awesome! I'm a man of 2.05 m and he always wore sweaters navel instead of T-shirts. The substance is also excellent. He sweat quickly and must therefore have good cotton. This is fine. We have the Barcelona t-shits ordered (L / XLF). When there is more choice in color and kind?

Marco Marquinius:
Ah, finally a t-shirt that is long enough and not slipping out of your pants. And as long as I'm not (192cm). But you can see that someone at work who has been self knows what it feels like: a cold edge just above the waistband.

Y van der Rhee:
My son over 2 meter shows after the first purchase that he no longer wants t-shirts. Especially in winter enjoy them in the pants sit so nice and warm. Delivery as letter post, useful.

D.J. Sloothaak:
Since half a year I use t-shirts GIRAV. Size S / LF, stretch, fits me perfectly and is very good as undershirt. After many washings, there is still nothing to see or feel what could be wrong, they remain good. They are also great for cycling (bicycle racing). The shirt covering the back and does not always "folded" to be good to sit under my outfit. It is a second skin in feel, and that is very pleasant. An absolute must.

R. Kramer:
N.a.v. note on width of the neck of ordered t-shirts I just got two new shirts from the new collection with narrower neck sent to try. Such service I've ever experienced! The shirts are fine and remain beautiful in the wash. Highly recommended, both the shirts and the shop.

Karin de Waal:
I have received the order and am very satisfied! I am looking for years for long t-shirts and they have finally found.

Tom van Kampen:
The polo shirt that I ordered was a bit too wide and too short (I'm 1.94 m). Therefore the polo stating reason returned. Get me on that basis in consultation without obligation a polo that are less wide and longer. I got the polo match, wear and wash to see if it was too much after washing shrunk. If a thing I liked the freedom to polo or not to pay. That is a quality of service that I have rarely experienced. Based on this, I immediately have a polo and t-shirt ordered.
Els the White:
I accidentally discovered the site and now have beautiful polo shirts and t-shirts for my son who is two meters long. He is very happy! They are fantastic and the quality is very good. I hope this business long remain.

J. Huiskes:
Beautiful shirts and remain beautiful even after many washings. I'm very satisfied.

Herman Bruijsten:
Ordered Thursday after 17.00, Saturday at home. Neatly packed, fine fabric, nice and long. Immediately but as a V-halsje order there =).
Adriaan van der Zijde:
Normally I'm not much for the comments on websites of stores, but this time I found it really in place. Beautiful shirts with extra length! Totally awesome! I had been looking for good match shirts in my size (1.99 and not too wide) and can now stop searching. In the order I had made a mistake with an email that could be put right and have the right shirts the next day by post. Keep it up!

Leo Tangerman:
Wear several weeks now the longfit Girav shirts (round neck stretch fabric). Very satisfied! With my 1.94 m still not extremely long but regular shirts crawl always on the waistband, very annoying in combination with tight-fit shirts under a suit. Problem belongs to the past, the longfit shirts (size L for me) have the right fit and a comfortable length. Collar must me something tighter, the other perfectly!

Jan Pieter Oudshoorn:
Great shirts! nice quality and length! delicious! a beautiful concept as it looks quite complete of logo on the envelope logo to the t-shirt.

Patrick Broek:
T-Shirts just received through the post (ideally through the letterbox at 2-Pack) Sitting as cast (1.91 m) long and delicious. Smell good and feel good.