Invisible T-shirts

Hanoi Ultra Light T-shirt, Invisible
Hanoi - Ultralight
Ultralight mesh, Slim Fit
As low as €24.95
In 3 colors
Sao Paulo T-shirt, 2-pack Invisible
Sao Paulo - Light
Light stretch cotton, Slim Fit
As low as €44.95
In 2 colors
Colored Cotton
Sevilla T-shirt, 2-pack - Colored cotton
Undyed cotton, Slim Fit
As low as €44.95
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Hong Kong T-shirt, 2-pack Invisible
Hong Kong
Stretch cotton, Slim Fit
As low as €44.95
In 3 colors
Los Angeles Singlet, 2-pack Invisible
Los Angeles
Stretch cotton, Slim Fit
As low as €39.95
In 3 colors

Men's undershirts are worn invisibly under a dress shirt, pullover, or even a sweater. So, if you're looking for an undershirt for men in white, black, or invisible, our range has got you covered. Thanks to the invisible (long) undershirts, you can prevent sweating or ensure you stay warm enough. And of course, you avoid any visibility of the shirt, so it doesn't detract from the rest of your outfit.

Invisible: Skin-colored T-shirt

If you're looking to buy undershirts that need to be invisible, our invisible T-shirts are your best choice. They have a color that closely matches your skin tone, minimizing any visible edges under your dress shirt, blouse, or sweater.

So, if you want to wear an invisible t-shirt, the long undershirts come in a special invisible variant, made from stretch cotton, light stretch cotton, or ultra-light mesh.

In slim fit: Comfortable and invisible fit

The men's invisible undershirts naturally come in a slim fit. They fit nice and tight, without being uncomfortable or awkward. Instead, it's the best way to keep the long undershirts for men from showing when you wear a dress shirt or something else over them.

You have the choice between an undershirt for men with a crewneck or a V-neck, depending on your preference. The necklines are comfortably deep, ensuring they don't peek above the collar of your dress shirt or sweater. This makes the shirts completely invisible, even if you opt for our long models that won't ride up from your pants.

Invisible undershirts for tall men

Girav has developed a unique sizing system for invisible undershirts, available in 17 sizes. Each size of invisible shirt comes in 3 lengths, allowing taller men to find the perfect invisible undershirt at Girav! With Girav's unique length sizing system, the invisible undershirts are slightly longer than what you're used to, ensuring they stay comfortably in place without riding up while wearing them. The men’s invisible undershirt are available in 3 length sizes:

  • Standard Long Fit (/SLF): for men up to 1m85; T-shirts are 2 - 4cm longer.
  • Long Fit (/LF): for tall men from 1m85 to 2m; T-shirts are 4 - 8cm longer.
  • Extra Long Fit (/XLF): for tall men from 2m and above. T-shirts are 8 - 12cm longer.

Buying an invisible T-shirt

If you want to buy an invisible T-shirt for men, that's exactly what you'll find here, both with short sleeves and sleeveless in the form of a singlet. And if you order a 2-pack of T-shirts for men, you'll enjoy an extra competitive price, making it a great value for your money.