Slim Fit Poloshirts

Marbella Slim Fit Poloshirt, Navy
Pique Stretch cotton, Slim Fit
As low as €69.95
In 5 colors
Marbella Slim Fit Poloshirt, White
Pique Stretch cotton, Slim Fit
As low as €69.95
In 5 colors
Marbella Slim Fit Poloshirt, Black
Pique Stretch cotton, Slim Fit
As low as €69.95
In 5 colors

A Slim Fit Polo shirt fits nicely and snugly along your body, providing a more sporty look. It's a fine polo made from the best materials, and you can order it in extra length from us. So if you're looking for a Men's Slim Fit Polo Shirt, discover the different models and the perfect fit that suits you.

Order your extra-long Slim Fit Polo shirt to prevent it from constantly riding up too high. Instead, experience how a tighter shirt is still long enough. This way, you can enjoy the sporty look without the discomfort of a shirt that's slightly too small to be comfortably worn.

With Polo collar or Shirt collar

The slim fit and extra-long polo comes in various styles, including different types of collars:

  • Polo collar
    The polo collar is naturally higher and longer when folded. Additionally, the straight cut emphasizes the polo character. It's the classic choice that goes well with the slim fit design.

  • Shirt collar
    If you prefer a more subtle collar, similar to the ones on our dress shirts, then the shirt collar is a better option. It "folds away" a bit more, creating a sportier look. It also complements the slim fit design of the polo shirts for men. This style can also be worn under a pullover.

Explore and compare the different collar types for men's polo shirts. Both collar styles are available in extra length to ensure a proper fit. Get inspired online or choose a specific model you already have and want to order in a different color.

Multiple models in the finest materials

Online, you have a choice of over 20 different colors. So whether you're looking for black, white, gray, green, or blue, those are just a few of the colors to inspire you. And are you curious about the different models?

The Men's Slim Fit Polo Shirts differ in collar type. Additionally, you have a choice of three different materials:

  • 100% cotton
  • Pique stretch cotton
  • Tech stretch pique

With these various materials, we ensure that the Slim Fit Polo shirts remains incredibly comfortable. You can enjoy the sporty look without sacrificing comfort due to a too tight fit. Instead, it's a highly pleasant and comfortable choice.

In all cases, we have pre-treated the cotton, ensuring it lasts longer and barely shrinks. The result is a durable choice that you can enjoy for as long as possible.

Slim Fit Polo shirt with the perfect fit

Are you looking for a Slim Fit Polo Shirt with the perfect fit? That's precisely what we excel at, thanks to the available extra-long models. We ensure that the polo is long enough and maintains its fit even after repeated washes. You can choose from the following (length) sizes:

  • Standard Long Fit (SLF): 2cm longer than standard, for men up to 1.85m
  • Long Fit (LF): 6cm longer than standard, for men from 1.85m
  • Extra Long Fit (XLF): 10cm longer than standard, for men taller than 2m

Tip: If you're unsure about your size and the perfect fit, use our Girav Size System to discover it in just a few clicks.

Buying a Slim Fit Polo

Do you want to buy a Slim Fit Polo for Men? Many of our items are regularly stocked, which means we can immediately process your order once placed. You'll receive your slim fit polo shirts for men quickly, so you can wear them for your next occasion. In addition to slim fit polo shirts for men, we also offer a wide selection of T-shirts and Regular Fit Polo shirts.