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Order online the Henley shirt for men with the perfect fit. Check out short-sleeved or long-sleeved items, and of course in all the colors you like. The Henley T-shirt is a crossover between a T-shirt and a polo shirt, both for a casual and a more dressy look. Discover the different beautiful models and get inspired with our wide range and a Henley Shirt collection with different colors.

Short sleeve henley shirts 

The Henley shirt for men comes in a number of different models and designs. For example, check out the men's short sleeve Henley T-shirts. They look great in summer and can be worn, for example, under an overshirt or simply over jeans or other pants. You decide how you combine the shirts with a Henley collar.

As with our crew neck T-shirts and V-neck T-shirts, you can choose from several styles, always in the highest quality.

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Men's henley shirts combines beautifully with a shirt or a pullover. Explore our range in our online sore and combine the shirts with other items for a successful new outfit.

Moreover, the Henley T-shirt can be ordered exactly in the size that suits you. Use our size system if you haven't ordered from us before. A few simple questions will help you find out what exact size you need.

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Of course, we have the Henley shirt for men in stock for you. Order the items online, and we'll get right on it for you. So are you looking for a Henley T-shirt? We'll make sure you can try it on at your leisure at home soon.


What's a Henley shirt?

A Henley T-shirt is a unique garment; it is very similar to a T-shirt, but has some buttons as an addition. Girav's henley shirts are slightly thicker in material than a polo shirt or T-shirt. The short sleeves make the Henley ideal in summer or to combine with a zip-up cardigan in spring and fall.

The Henley feels soft to the touch and is slightly thicker in material than a polo or T-shirt. Especially on a cool day, the shirt is ideal to combine with other clothing. For example, wear a jacket or cardigan over the shirt, or wear a white T-shirt under a Henley. On a warm spring or summer day, the Henley shirt can easily be worn on its own.

How to wear a henley shirt?

Business occasions
A Henley suits perfectly with a jacket or blazer. For example, combine the navy blue Henley with a black blazer. Finish the outfit with dark jeans or slacks.

Henley shirts do well in an outfit with layers. Are you tall and slim built? Then wear a long overcoat over your jacket to give your outfit just a little more body.

Informal situations
Girav Men's Henley Shirts are not only suitable during formal situations, but also great to style for informal moments. For example, wear the shirt without fuss with simple jeans or brown chinos. For a bit more texture, finish the outfit with a knitted cardigan or a leather jacket.

Pair a light Henley shirt with light blue chinos or slacks for a casual but stylish look. Creating more of an outdoor look? The Metal Green goes well with dark pants and a pair of boots.

Combining Henleys
A Henley T-shirt goes well with other garments. For example, you can wear a normal T-shirt under a Henley. Wearing a shirt loose over the Henley is also a possibility. Create extra layers by wearing two Henley shirts on top of each other. How would you combine a Henley?