Perfect fit - everything in 3 lengths from S to 3XL

Our production

At Girav we like a neat way of doing business. With you as a customer, but also with our suppliers and partners. Thanks to our 20 years of experience in product development of textiles and clothing, we have a lot of in-house knowledge. We work closely with specialized partners to guarantee optimal quality and fit of our shirts and entire collection. We use design specialists and models, who fit each size in order to optimize the fit.

Enjoy your shirts longer

Girav wants all its customers to enjoy beautiful, high-quality clothing with a perfect fit for as long as possible. We think the longevity of a shirt is very important and that is why we have opted for extra pre-treatments, quality checks and a special production process. Girav shirts last much longer and remain in shape, even after many washes.

Production in Europe

Girav shirts are made in high-quality factories in Europe. These factories use the most modern machines and the latest techniques, guaranteeing constant top quality. To meet our high standards, our factories are BSCI, Ökotex and ISO 9001 certified.

These standards / certifications give you as a Girav customer a certain guarantee that matters such as working conditions and the environment are properly arranged.

BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative) says something about working conditions such as the right to form a trade union, safe working conditions and no forced or child labour.

Ökotex is a quality mark that provides guarantees in the field of health. Ökotex sets requirements in the field of environmentally harmful substances, such as heavy metals, harmful dyes and crop protection products.

ISO 9001 is the international standard for quality management systems. It is a sign that quality management (care, control and assurance) is being done in a predetermined and structured manner.

Quality control

We work with regular suppliers and regularly visit our factories to closely monitor the quality of our products. In addition to the quality of the products, we also check our production locations during these visits. This ensures that the working conditions meet our standards.

Production process

There are 3 important phases in our production process. Below you can read a short explanation of what happens during these phases:

The type of cotton and fabric production

  • The choice of cotton for a shirt is extremely important. We use “Premium American Cotton”. This one has a longer fiber from which a nicer yarn can be spun.
  • We use it to spin a compact yarn. This yarn is less hairy (smoother) and therefore stronger and more durable.
  • The yarn is given a post-treatment, which makes it even more even.
  • The fabric is knitted, pre-washed, dried and given a finish that makes the fabric feel extra soft. The fabric is then stabilized and pre-shrunk. This ensures that the final shirt hardly shrinks and remains in good shape.
  • The fabric is then packaged and transported to the sewing location.

Cutting and stitching

  • The fabric is unpacked in the sewing location and visually inspected for irregularities.
  • An additional anti-shrinkage treatment takes place; the fabric is steam treated, dried, given time to ‘rest’ and transported to the cutting table.
  • The patterns of the shirts are cut using a CAD/CAM computer system and a laser machine connected to it. This cutting method guarantees that every pattern is the same and every shirt has the same dimensions.
  • The different patterns are stitched together by experienced employees and made up using high-quality stitching machines. We have been using the same production lines with the same employees for years to ensure the same high quality. Various checks are made during this process.

Ironing and packaging

  • Every Girav garment is checked for possible irregularities.
  • Excess threads or dust particles are removed.
  • The T-shirts are ironed, checked for measurements and again for irregularities.
  • The clothing is then packed and prepared for transport.

If you have any questions after the above, you can email us at [email protected]