Why Girav?

Do you have t-shirts that always ride up? Or while long enough,are way too wide? Or, after washing are too short, lopsided or shapeless?

Until 2010 this was the unfortunate reality for tall men or anyone who was long-waisted.

Girav was born from necessity.   T-shirts of the correct length and good quality were impossible to find. Why should normal sizes be so short and narrow and length was added only from size extra-large? Aren’t there tall and long-waisted men who are slender?

The Netherlands has the tallest average population of the world, so it is no wonder that Girav was founded here!

This fact and our 20 years of experience in product development and sales positions at various clothing companies combined perfectly to establish a new clothing line for taller men.

The three pillars of our brand are:

  1. Quality
  2. Optimal fit
  3. Service

What is the point, after all, if your T-shirt leaves your stomach bare or loses its form after washing it a few times?  We also found that the service at many stores and web shops was substandard. How often are you put on hold or shuttled from one department to another if you have a complaint? 

Any complaints should be addressed as soon as possible. When you are dissatisfied, for whatever reason, your money should be refunded or the article replaced. Therefore, we offer a money-back guarantee!


Responsible production

We believe in doing business in a proper and responsible manner:  with you, as the client, but also with our suppliers and partners.

Thanks to our 20 years of experience in product development of textile and clothing, we have significant knowledge. In addition, we work closely together with specialized partners to guarantee optimal quality and fit. We have specialists in tailoring and use fitting models to check every size, ensuring optimal fit.

Responsible production in Turkey

Our products are made in high-quality factories in Turkey. State-of-the-art machines and techniques are used, assuring a continuous top-quality. Other high standards are also applied. Our factories are therefore certified BSCI, Ökotex and ISO 9001.

BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative) is an indication of good working conditions, like the right to form a trade union and safe working conditions; child and forced labor are prohibited.

Ökotex is a symbol of quality that provides guarantees in the area of health. They set standards for environmentally damaging materials, such as heavy metals, harmful dyes and fertilizers.

ISO 9001 is the international standard for quality management systems. It is the symbol that quality management (care, control and assurance) is addressed in a predetermined and structured manner. 

These certifications are important and give you, the client, assurance that matters such as working conditions and the environment are addressed appropriately.

We work with regular suppliers and an agent in Turkey who carefully assesses the quality of our products and the principles noted above. We also regularly visit our production factories to verify that working conditions, environment matters and high quality standards are met.


Quality and production

We at Girav want our clients to enjoy great shirts with a perfect fit.

The shirts are not just longer, but also last longer and exude quality. Girav shirts aren’t cheap throw-away shirts that shrink and lose their shape after a few washings. They last long, look great and maintain their shape.  Even after multiple washings.

We find it a shame to use raw materials for a product that can be tossed after wearing just a few times.  This is the reason that we have chosen for an extra pretreatment and a production process that ensures that the shirts last much longer.

Quality is part of many facets and phases of the production process.  Naturally that comes with a higher price tag. In the long run, however, the durability of our t-shirts results in long-term savings: not only for the environment but in terms of time and money for you.

There are three important phases to mention, these include:

1. The type of cotton and the production of the fabric

  • The choice of cotton is important. We use American cotton. This has a longer fiber from which finer threads can be spun.
  • We spin compact threads. This thread is smoother and therefore stronger and more durable.
  • The thread gets a follow-up-treatment that further enhances this uniformity.
  • The fabric is knitted, prewashed, dried and given a finish that enhances the softness.
  • Then the fabric is stabilized and preshrunk. This ensures that the final product hardly shrinks and stays in good form.
  • The material is then packed and transported to the sewing location. 

2. Cutting and stitching

  • The fabric is unpacked and visually inspected for irregularities.
  • An anti-wrinkle treatment is given; the fabric is steam treated, dried, is given the time to “rest” and is transported to the cutting table.
  • The patterns of the shirts are cut with a laser machine that is attached to a CAD/CAM computer system.  This method guarantees that every pattern is the same and every shirt has the same measurements.
  • The various patterns are stitched and tailored with the help of high-quality sewing machines. We strive to use the same production lines and staff to ensure consistently high quality. Various intermediary checks are made during the entire process.  

3. Pressing / ironing and packaging

  • The shirts are examined for possible irregularities. Extra threads, etc. are removed
  • The shirts are pressed, checked for sizing and once again for irregularities.
  • Then the shirts are packaged and readied for transport.

Press & PR

We welcome new collaborations and will gladly discuss the possibilities with you.


We are available from 9:30 AM and 4:00 PM (CET) on workdays.

Preferably send an email with a short and to-the-point introduction to [email protected] or call +31 (0)20 4721002. In the first instance, we will be in contact with you as soon as possible.

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