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    Round neck, Regular Fit 100% cotton

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Basic T-shirts for tall men

All men have basic T-shirts in their wardrobe that they wear under dress shirts, pullovers or jumpers. Girav offers top-quality extra-long basic T-shirts that are ideal for taller men. Our basic T-shirts have a flawless, enduring fit to match all (tall) men.

Because of Girav’s sizing system, the shirts are a little longer than you might be used to. This is so that the T-shirts stay comfortably in place and don’t ride up when worn. Girav basic T-shirts are also available in extra-long sizes, which are ideal for men taller than 2 metres. Our Girav long basic T-shirts are available in 100% American cotton and deluxe stretch cotton. Various pre-treatments are applied to thread and fabric, so these shirts will barely shrink. The long T-shirts hold their shape well and stay silky soft, wash after wash!

The T-shirts are sustainably manufactured at our factory in Europe (Turkey) and undergo individual quality control, so you are sure to be satisfied with your Girav T-shirt.


Long Fit sizing system

Girav has its own unique sizing system for T-shirts to make sure that our basic T-shirts always fit comfortably. The long T-shirts are longer than regular T-shirts, which means that they stay in place all day and don’t ride up. Our basic long T-shirts are available in 3 sizes:

  • Standard Long Fit (/SLF): for men of average height; T-shirts are 2-4cm longer.
  • Long Fit (/LF): for tall men 1.85 to 1.90 metres in height: T-shirts are 4-8cm longer.
  • Extra Long Fit (/XLF): For men taller than 2 metres. T-shirts are 8-12cm longer.


T-shirts with a perfect fit

T-shirts from Girav are available in a range of styles, each creating its own look. Our (extra-) long T-shirts for men have V-necks or round necks and are ideal as undershirts to be worn with suits. Both the black and white shirts are available in stretch fabric as well as cotton. The stretch T-shirts are made of cotton and elastane and are perfect for wearing under slim-fit dress shirts.