Pullovers for tall men

Pullovers for tall men

Girav is a trusted clothing brand for men who are taller than the Netherlands average. But, of course, we also offer a range of products for men of average height. What is unique about the Girav collection is the fact that we use our own sizing system, so our sizes are different to those of other clothing retailers. In terms of length, our T-shirts and pullovers are just a little longer than the norm, so T-shirts don’t tend to come loose when tucked into trousers and pullovers don’t ride up over trousers. This results in more wearing comfort and enjoyment, because there’s no need to constantly tug down on your pullover. This is a major advantage, especially for tall men.

Choosing the right pullover size

You’ll find a wide range of pullovers in various colours in the Girav collection. This means that you’re bound to find a pullover that matches the colour of your dress shirt or T-shirt. Before you choose a pullover, we recommend that you take a close look at the Girav sizing system to find your correct size. If you have questions about what your right size might be, our customer service team can advise you. At Girav, it’s possible to return your product without any hassles if the size turns out to be wrong.

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