Girav shoulder bag

Small and big compartment with a zip
  • Perfect fit - everything in 3 length
  • 100 day-return policy
  • Easy and secure payments via Visa, Mastercard or PayPal

The perfect shoulder bag

The Girav shoulder bag is the perfect bag for every occasion. All your stuff fits in the bag, whether you go to the supermarket, gym or park. The has two handles and a shoulder band. The shoulder band is adjustable and you can also take it off. On the side, there is the Girav logo printed in black.

Storage compartment with a zipper

The bag has a big compartment with a zipper. On the inside, there is a small compartment with a zip. This way you will never lose your belongings.

Strong canvas bag

The Girav shoulder bag is made from canvas. This ensures the bag is strong and lasts a long time.

Bag measurements

The capacity is 37 liter. The bag has a height of 38cm and a width of 64cm. The bottom is 48cm x 15cm.