Dress Shirts

Dress shirts for tall men

Dress shirts for tall men

The dress shirt is one of the most important garments found in the male wardrobe. Dress shirts can be worn to work, for leisure or on special occasions. Just like a T-shirt, a dress shirt must fit perfectly and be long enough.

Girav offers extra-long business and casual dress shirts made from top-quality cotton, so the fit of your dress shirt is long-lasting. In our dress shirt range, you will find uniform shirts, striped shirts, chequered shirts and – finally – casual dress shirts with patterns or prints.

Modern fit

All Girav dress shirts have a modern fit. Our modern fit dress shirts are loose-fitting and are ideal for slim men, as well as men with some girth.

Girav dress shirt sizing system

The dress shirts in the Girav range are specially designed for tall men (1.80m+). To determine the size most suited to your dimensions, first measure the length of your arms (from your shoulder blade to your wrist).

Then measure your neck circumference (collar size). Together, these two measurements determine the right configuration for your new dress shirt.

High quality of Girav

The dress shirts in our collection are manufactured from top-quality fabrics sourced from Italy and Romania, and are produced at our factory in Western Europe. When you choose a Girav dress shirt, you’re choosing long-lasting wearing comfort.