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Extra Long T-shirts with Print from Girav!

Printed T-shirts for tall men

If you often wear a casual T-shirt with jeans or stylish chinos, you’re probably familiar with that sensation of your shirt riding up! To solve this annoying problem, Girav offers printed T-shirts that are up to 12cm longer than most available T-shirts. These longer shirts also make it possible for men taller than 1.85m to find suitable T-shirts! So that your printed casual T-shirts last longer, Girav uses American cotton. It is a cotton variety that retains its fit and colour up to 33% longer, thanks to its stronger fibres. This is absolutely essential when it comes to men’s printed casual shirts, because you’d prefer not to damage or discolour your print in the wash. If you’d rather have a neutral casual T-shirt, please check our full range of casual T-shirts.

Unique sizing system with three sizes

Our unique sizing system consists of three fixed sizes. They are Standard Long Fit, Long Fit and Extra Long Fit. These sizes are based on male height and build and are ideal for men of average height to men taller than 2 metres. Because these sizes differ from standard sizes, it is important to know your size in advance. We provide a useful explanation on our sizing system page.

Girav service

If you have found your perfect printed casual T-shirt and order it before 17:00 on any working day, we will try to dispatch it on the same day. This means that you can have your new product delivered to your door by the next day! If, once delivered, it turns out that your shirt doesn’t fit well, you can simply return it free of charge.