Long sleeves

Long-sleeved and Extra long-sleeved T-shirts and Poloshirts of Girav in cotton and stretch cotton for tall(er) man
Long sleeve and extra-long sleeve T-shirts by Girav not only help you to look great because of their extra sleeve length and extra body length. The 100% cotton and soft stretch cotton quality feels really comfortable too. The Long Fit (/LF) T-shirts are about 2 to 4 cm longer than your standard long sleeves (sleeve length 7). The Extra Long Fit (/XLF) arm length is no less 6 to 8 cm longer (extra-long sleeve length 8). The stretch cotton allows you to move more freely and provides extra comfort. Girav long sleeve T-shirts are great for casual wear and as undershirts, keeping you nice and warm during the cold winter season. The shirts are also great to wear under a blazer of jacket